Podcast 第二期:你知道交叉鏈交易嗎?

Podcast information 節目信息:

Summary: Today you're going to get to hear our exclusive interview with the man that some people call bitcoin Jesus. And discuss what is cross chain transaction, how governments accept coins, how to build up a free community through coins and how bitcoin changes the industries. 

內容摘要:獨家采訪被稱為“比特幣耶穌”的Roger Veer,與Roger一道討論交叉鏈交易,政府如何接受虛擬貨幣,如何通過虛擬貨幣創建一個新的自由社會,比特幣如何進入各個行業。

Host: Joel, Travis            主持人:喬爾、特拉維斯

Guest: Roger Veer         嘉賓:Roger Veer

Show Highlights 節目亮點:

Beginning with bitcoin legend Roger Veer. We're going to crack the code on what atomic swaps are and we're opening a private mastermind just for bad crypto fans. 

與Roger Veer一起,我們將破解原子交換的秘密,並且為播客的粉絲開啟一個私人策劃!

What exactly atomic swaps are? And so their definition is atomic swaps is a technology that allows peer to peer exchange of two different coins. This is often called a cross chain transaction and is made possible through the use of Hash time lock contracts on a multisig wallet, which sounds like sounds like a different language to me. 

原子交換是什麼? 這是一種提供點對點交換兩種虛擬貨幣的技術,又被稱為交叉鏈交易,它可以在multisig錢包上通過哈希時間鎖定合同來實現。這一概念並不易於理解。

80 percent of these countries are actually considering a centralized cryptocurrency, which seems interesting to me. What do you think Mr Joel Comm? Uh, you know, anytime I hear of the bank's trying to centralize something, again, it feels like it goes against the spirit of decentralization, but the fact that they are embracing blockchain tells me that there's some really cool benefits that could come. You know, as part of that, including the government may be finding solutions for a voter fraud, right? Or, or, or data hacking or tampering. I like that. I, you know, I don't understand why we don't have voter id in every state in the United States. There's just absolutely no reason, you know, you need an Id to do just about everything and it seems that the most important freedom we have is the ability to vote and, and make our voice heard. So I would love to see them use block chain to make sure that everybody who is allowed to vote gets their vote and that people who don't say you don't get to vote if you're not vague or if you're not a citizen or if you're dead. That's true. 


A lot of this stuff on the blockchain. Many of the, many of the rules and regulations are going to be voted on by the people who are a part of that country, right? Kinda. They're going to create their own sovereign country and I guess they're going to buy some land there or actually they're going to actually, they negotiated a 220 year lease for land on the Haitian Island Tortuga. Hey, how about that? They've already raised at least they say they have raised $100,000,000 and the goal for them is to gain sovereignty and they say the criteria for this location that they've chosen, this proximity to existing economic powerhouses, accessibility by water, located in a safe conflict free area, stable existing government nations with a significant national debt, a flexible constitution that allows granting sovereignty and acceptable minimum minimum size for the land. And they're seeking to have rule of law based on libertarian principles and the free market. 


The part that's the most interesting to me by far is the monetary aspects that bitcoin's about to disrupt every bank on the planet. You can now have a bank on your phone and send and receive any amount of money with anyone else and you don't Need Bank of America or wells Fargo or take your pick or bank of America and Wells Fargo. You guys are decent. A Bank of the West. I really don't like ap. Morgan Chase, what do we think of them? Well, I'll tell you a bank of the West story, so I went to open an account at Bank of the West and they agreed. They open an account and I gave them $100 bill to open it and then that was on a Thursday and I never ever made a single transaction at all. 

比特幣即將破壞地球上每個銀行的貨幣業務。 您現在可以在手機上擁有一家銀行,並與其他任何人一起發送和接收任何金額,您不需要美國銀行或富國銀行,也不需要在其中選擇任何一個。 西方的銀行並不招人喜歡,你可能僅僅因為從事與加密貨幣有關的業務,就可能在48小時內被關閉銀行賬戶,雖然你並沒有利用該賬戶購買或銷售任何東西。

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