Podcast 第三期:和Peter Schiff一起挑選黑馬代幣吧!

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Summary: How many fractional bitcoins make a whole bitcoin? We caught up with GoldMoney.com owner Peter Schiff, who says Bitcoin is a bubble and bound to become worthless. Bitcoin and Billions and Bubbles. It is time to pick up the alt coins.

內容摘要:多少個比特幣碎片可以組成一個完整的比特幣?專訪GoldMoney.com的所有人Peter Schiff,他認為比特幣是個泡沫,最終必將崩潰。如何選擇黑馬代幣?

Host: Joel, Travis             主持人:喬爾、特拉維斯

Guest: Roger Veer           嘉賓:Peter Schiff

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If You buy a quarter of a bitcoin or a half a bit coin and then later on by like three quarters more to get a complete bitcoin or another half, does that give you like quarter, quarter, quarter, half, half, or does that give you a complete bitcoin? That's what I'm wondering. Thank you. 


So I'm going to pose it like this. So if I have $1, which is a coin, right? If I have one of them and I have three more quarters, that's pretty much a dollar, right? A the same math principles work in crypto even though they are fractions, so yes, the quick answer would be one quarter of a bitcoin plus three quarters of a bitcoin is a bitcoin one, half a bitcoin plus another half a bit coin is two halves of a bitcoin, which equal a bit coin now to the news. 


My first pick is EOS, eos.io. This is a really interesting one. so first of all, their ico. You cannot participate in it if you're from the us, but it is being traded on exchanges and the reason I say ico, even though it's trading is they're doing something really unusual. They are doing, it's almost a year long ico with new tokens, 2 million new eos tokens being put into the market every day. Now I've watched the price fall quite a bit and what's interesting about eos is that this is a platform that creates infrastructure for decentralized apps that can be commercial level scale, so it's built on a theory them. It's highly technical actually, but I know that what they're doing or providing tools that make it easy for those who are developing and that's, that's what I like about it is that, you know, there's a lot of people that want to develop tokens on the platform and if they're creating tools that make it easy, I kind of look at that as like wordpress for blogging, right? A real simple platform and eos is currently sitting at a seventy cents and it's fallen quite a bit. I think there's a bright future for it. 


It is a being built for banks. It's called ripple. It's actually the third highest market cap, I believe. Yes. Number three right now in coin market cap.com. The symbol is xrp and they bill it as the fastest and most scalable digital asset enabling realtime global payments anywhere in the world. And so they're really going for banks to be able to source liquidity on demand in real time. So fast, fast movement of monies and for payment providers to be able to expand their reach into different markets to lower foreign exchange costs, provide payment settlements, which is what it's really coming down to and I have sent ripple from one account to another before four seconds settlement, four seconds as opposed to bitcoin, which is a minimum of 10 minutes and could be an hour and a theory in which is at least two minutes. I've usually seen a theory him settle in a three to five, so ripple at a four second transaction. Now there are $38, billion xrp and circulation and the current price is just under twenty cents and a number three for you.


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